Mexican American War

Topics: James K. Polk, Zachary Taylor, United States Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: January 10, 2013
The Mexican American war was the result of the idea of “manifest destiny.” James K. Polk (the president at the time) wanted to expand America’s western border to the pacific. After the annexation of Texas, Mexico became furious and threatened to take Texas back in a powerful way. Polk had about 4000 soldiers guarding Texas while he sent John Slidell to consult with Mexicans to sell both California and New Mexico for $30,000,000. Soon Mexico’s president found out about the deal Slidell had in mind and refused to see him.

Soon, on May 9, 1846, Polk decided to write a letter to the Congress to declare war. On May 7, while General Taylor and his army were on their way to Fort Texas, they found the fort blocked by the Mexican army. That was the first time that an actual fight broke out. The next day, American soldiers met with another group of Mexican soldiers; and the Americans won but that wasn’t the end. In September, Zachary Taylor headed southwest with 6000 troops while the Mexicans where of 7000 trying to defend the city of Monterrey. A battle struck but in the end American had victory while the Mexicans had sorrow.

Polk later on ordered Taylor not to proceed with his actions but Taylor ignored. Taylor wanted to fight one more battle against Santa Anna. When Santa Anna found out that Taylor was loosing many of his troops, he moved north to fight a battle that he thought he’d be able to win. Finally, Taylor, Santa Anna and their troops met and went into battle but the Americans we’re loosing which made Santa Anna extremely happy because if they won then it would prove that his people had chosen the right leader. Although when Santa Anna received a letter, he and his troops left withdrew which made Taylor and his army to have victory once again.

March 9, 1847, 80 American warships arrived at Vera Cruz. General Winfield Scott circled the city, and that’s when then bombing started. This battle went on for three days and three...
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