Mexican American and Money

Topics: Geert Hofstede, Mexican American, Mexico Pages: 7 (1965 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Stereotypes, Culture Iceberg, Culture Gurus
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Table of Contents
A.Before The Movie4

B.After The Movie5

C.The Visible and Invisible Cultural Aspects - Culture Iceberg6
a.Surface Culture6
b.Unspoken Rules7
c.Unconscious Rules7

D.Examples - Movie Situations Explained9

E.Hall and Hofstede Classifications Observed in The Movie10

Before The Movie
As usual, before watching any film, we always made some expectations as well as had some basic ideas about what would happen. For the movie Spanglish, obviously, there were also several stereotypes appeared in our mind base on the poster or the name of the movie. Firstly, the first impression might come from the name of the movie. ‘Spanglish’ was thought to be a mixed language between Spanish and English. This word might be created similarly to Singlish when combining English and Chinese, which became a typical language in Singapore. For that, this movie was expected to mention different accents of English or new vocabulary created by mixing two languages together. However, misunderstanding between Americans and Mexicans were obviously unavoidable due to language barriers. Besides, we also had several stereotypes related to cultural differences between people who came from different countries because language is an important part of culture. To be more specific, while American people were perceived to have better life with appropriate salary and high standard of living, Mexicans were suffering numerous difficulties in their lives. Thus, numerous Mexicans were dreaming of better lives in America. By many ways, they tried to come there to looking for jobs that provided them much money than in their home country even illegally. Mexican people flexibly earned money by many ways, such as salesman, workers and housekeepers for Americans. However, due to language barriers and lack of experiments, these jobs did not provide them much money as expected. Mexicans were discriminated in American society, as their social position was low. In addition, American people usually thought themselves better than Mexicans. Sometimes, they wanted to be the best of everything. Based on personal experiences, Mexicans and American were stereotyped with special characters. Typical Mexicans looked like Spanish people in term of outside appearance and obviously, they spoke Spanish. Mexican society usually reminded us drugs and violence that were seriously happening day by day. Furthermore, they were perceived to be short-tempered. On the other hand, Americans were easy-going. Then, they were highly task-orient when concerning much about time and work. Additionally, money represented a remarkable position in their lives. Hence, they were working hard for their bright career with much money. B. After The Movie

After the movie, some stereotypes were confirmed as our thoughts. Besides, there were numerous new things about Americans and Mexicans that we learned from the film. It could be seen that money had a particular position in American society. This was inferred by the fact that Deborah gave 20$ for Flor’s relative as an apology when her nose was bleeding. Then, during the conversation about recruitment, Deborah did not forget to mention money and repeat it as an essence. Furthermore, money issue appeared in the way American people educate their kids. For example, John taught his children by telling them to collect pebbles and paying them cash equivalently to their effort. American people usually did not mean what they were saying. In the movie, when leaving the paper to Flor with the phrase “steal your daughter”, American women actually just wanted to hang out with...
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