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Money for Studying… Really?
In these days, being a student is a hard problem. Money never supplies students’ needs or time never suffices. They have to buy some books or spend money on their projects’ tools. Because of these, they feel that they must work in a job. Thus, they can live more relaxed and in peace. Is this true? Can they really achieve these? Is not there any problem? Actually, there is some negativity. Having a job while at college has two main negative consequences.

Principally, the time that students who have a job while studying at college have is limited. First of all, they have a little time to study after work. The job they work at maybe goes on till late hours. Because of this, they are obligated to come home too late. If they get tired after all day’s work, they would not want to do other tiring activities. As a consequence, they would not want to spend time to study to their lessons which situation will eventually affect their school performance in a negative way. Besides, these students may not study efficiently. Since due to lack of time, they will have difficulties in following the class, doing homework and doing daily studies. This may lead to getting low grades, maybe grade repetition. Secondly, they have less time for social life. Students who just study have more time than others. Moreover, there is no stress or concern in lives of student who do not have a job. Thanks to these, they will have more time to spend for activities for themselves such as hobbies, sports or hanging out with friends. It is believed that hanging with friend is important for humans’ life, since it is crucial for developing social skills and communication with other people. However, in the lives of students who have a job, there is less or no time for these kinds of activities. Besides, continuing to live while studying and working at the same time may cause to communication problems with family members. They will have less time to...
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