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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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NameJennifer Pleitgen

Visual, Auditory, or Tactile-Kinesthetic?

This inventory is designed to help you discover your learning modality. Each person has a way s/he prefers to take in information. Knowing your preferences will help you know your strengths in a learning situation.Please answer each question with your first, gut-level response. Answer according to what you do now, not how you think people perceive you or what you think the answer should be. Use the following scale to answer each question. Circle your answer. 1 = NEVER 2 = RARELY 3 = OCCASIONALLY 4 = USUALLY 5 = ALWAYS|

1.I find it helpful to trace over or write words when I have to memorize them.2.I remember more about a subject when I listen to a lecture than when I read the textbook.3.I prefer classes that require you to be tested on what you read in the textbook.4.I like to snack, chew gum, etc., when I study.5.When I pay close attention to a lecture, I can remember the major points without writing them down.6.I prefer written directions to oral directions.7.I am good at working jigsaw puzzles and mazes.8.I prefer classes that require you to be tested on the material that is presented during a lecture.9.I find slides, filmstrips, and movies helpful for understanding a subject.10.I remember more when I read a book than when I listen to a lecture.11.I usually need to write down telephone numbers to remember them.12.I prefer to get the news by listening to the radio rather than reading a newspaper.13.I like to have something like a pen or pencil in my hand when I study.14.I need to copy the teacher’s examples from the blackboard so that I can look them over later on.15.I prefer the teacher’s oral directions to those written on a test or on the board.16.I like a textbook to have charts, graphs, and pictures because it helps me to understand the material better.17.I like to listen to tapes or records when learning a play, short story, etc.18.I...
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