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Loo Jia En
Syaraffi Amir Bin Mohammed
Farid Bin P.Sammuddin

This report written is based on the survey conducted among the IPGM IK’s PPISMP Semester 3 students. It is to get their opinion and also reviews regarding the reasons for a person being metrosexual. This study investigates the reasons for a person getting involved in the metrosexual community. A 10 item questionnaire with 3 Yes or No questions and 7 opinion based questions is distributed among the PPISMP Semester 3 students. The total sample consists of 30 respondents. The study reveals the major variables of the reasons for a person to become a metrosexual. Apart from that, the results of the study also reveal a more insight understanding of the respondents towards metrosexuality.

1.0 Introduction
A metrosexual can be defined as a straight man, but he is interested in things that the stereotypical gay man is interested in. A metrosexual also means that a man who is not a gay but carries a lot of the gay stereotypes, by taking pride in his appearance, spending their time and money on themselves. Based on the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (7thEdition), metrosexual can be defined as a heterosexual man who lives in a city and is interested in things like fashion and shopping. The purpose of this research is to identify the reasons for a person being metrosexual. Therefore, the research is being done to show the statistics of it.

2.0 Background Information
Based on the rises of metrosexual community in the society, a survey is conducted among the IPGM IK’s PPISMP Semester 3 students to get their views and opinions regarding their understandings about the reasons of males being metrosexual.

3.1 The Objectives of the Report

The objectives of the report are:

1. To get opinions from different individuals among the PPISMP Semester 3 students. 2. To portray the understandings of teenagers towards the metrosexual community and lifestyle. 3. To identify the reasons for a person being metrosexual based on the findings and survey. 4. To analyze and organize data collected in a graphic form.

3.2 Questionnaire

The questionnaire is designated into 2 parts. Questions 1 to 3 are the Yes or No questions. Questions 4 to 10 are opinion-based questions. For questions 4 to 10, the respondents will answer based on the liker scales. 1 – Strongly disagree

2 – Disagree
3 – Agree
4 – Strongly agree

3.0 Literature Review

Cris Adler (2007) said that a metrosexual is not a gay but he carries many gay stereotypes, by putting his first priority in his appearance and spend lots of time and money on themselves. According to Souiden and Diagne (2009), Metrosexual men are those who live in big cities (i.e. Metropolitan cities), places high importance to their appearance and spend a considerable amount of money and efforts to boosts their self-images and lifestyles. According to David Beckham’s image on metrosexuality and the claim made by Simpson (2002), which was later reiterate by Liu (n.d) and O’ Shaughnessy and Stadler (2005), metrosexual men are those who possess three main physical characteristics. The first one lies in unique appearance through clothing. Secondly, metrosexual often spend their money in any ways they wish just to pamper themselves. Most importantly, they are extremely concern over appearance their appearance which make them narcissistic. Parag Khanna (2004) said that metrosexual men are muscular but suave, confident yet image-conscious, assertive yet clearly in touch with their feminine sides.

4.0 Data Analysis

Table question 1 - 3
Question| Yes| No|
1. People that had come across the term “Metrosexual”| 16| 14| 2. Can accept metrosexuals as friends| 29| 1|
3. Have met metrosexuals around | 21| 9|

Analysis (Metrosexual existance)
The bar graph above shows the statistics of respondents’ views...
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