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  • Topic: Metrosexual, Homosexuality, Mark Simpson
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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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                                                            Metrosexual.             In the article “Here Come The Mirror Man” by Mark Simpson, he describes the increase popularity of metrosexuality. I am going to write about reason why Simpson say men are so into their appearance, how Simpson article is still relevant in this modern day and the changes that have occur since Simpson wrote the article in the nineties. The article talks about how traditionally, men never used to care much about their appearance. All they spent their money on were beers, fags, and an occasional durex. But in this modern day, most men are more into their appearance by taking very good care of themselves to maintain a perfect complexion, neatly shaving, precisely styling their hair and purchasing expensive clothes and accessories. Simpson also states that metrosexual men are not always gay. They can also be straight men who are self-conscious about how they look.             In the early eighties, metrosexual mean were only found in high fashion magazines or on television advertisements and in gay bars. But as time went on, society changed. The metrosexual today is a young, urban heterosexual male with an interest in fashion and a refined sense of taste. Metrosexual men are highly fascinated with themselves; they spend a lot of money buying products to improve their appearance. They take really good care of themselves and are into fashion like most women are.

Simpson states that the reason most men are into their appearance is because the attention they receive. He says that if women put so much effort into their looks and receive attention from the opposite sex or significant other, it is only fair that men attract the same kind of attention. Simpson states that another reason why most men were into their appearance is because heterosexual men had no future so therefore they were being placed by metrosexual men. This is due to the face that metrosexual men cared less about their...
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