Metropolitan Housing Company

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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Metropolitan Housing Project

Prepared by
Arianne Maria Arevalo
Rosiel Rondin
Rose Bansales
Mard Daria

Our Lady of Fatima University
February , 2013

I. Introduction

A. Summary of the problem

Metropolitan Housing Project Company has to find a way to increase cash balance to pay liabilities, at the same time, not to catch a loss, and increase revenue. They depend on their objectives in span of 3 years, but eventually, they don’t have a clear plan on how to attain these objectives.

Objectives (3 year plan):

  1. To settle all liabilities relative to the project
  2. To increase the cash balance to P2.348M
  3. To complete site development and,
  4. To sell all residential lots

B. Recommended Solution

1. Evaluate and revise the three year plan.
2. Sell residential lots to any government agencies.
3. Increase of assets and acquire lower cost.
4. Improve all residential lots and add compound facilities.

II. Analysis

A. Problem Recognition

March 1987 when Mr. Roy Roxas was appointed as the manager of Metropolitan Housing Project Company (MHPC), the company had been performing poorly given that their cash balance merely Php 110,755, resulting to its liabilities amounted to Php 13.75 million.

B. Problem Definition
MPHC should

C. Problem Diagnosis

The economy’s poor performance reflected the tyrannical rule of Marcos in the past years. Recent years have shown slight improvement although the economy is still suffering at 1988. With the present market situation and his company’s financial status, his objectives may not be attained. Furthermore, the multitude of assumptions he made makes the project more uncertain. It is also a concern that Mr. Roy Roxas who has only been a project manager for roughly two years may not have full knowledge regarding the operations of the company nor the present market situation.

III. Synthesis

A. Solution Generation

1. Evaluate and...
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