Metropolitan Airport Crisis Communication Plan

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Big City, NC. Metropolitan Airport Crisis Communication Plan

As the chief communications officer of the Metropolitan Airport, I have previously developed a proactive crisis communication plan in anticipation of an event such as the following: Long Layover Airlines, had a plane filled with passengers stuck on the tarmac for four hours as the thunderstorms passed. During the time the plane was stuck, a passenger had a severe stroke. The terminal manager, citing airport policy, refused permission for the plane to link to a jet way and deplane the passenger because of the possible lightning danger. While the passenger survived, he will face months of therapy and rehab that could possibly have been avoided if the plane had been allowed to unload. The airline is blaming the airport, and the terminal manager stands by the policy. Meanwhile, your phone is ringing off the hook as the media is calling every 10 minutes.

While the delayed flight is still on the tarmac and the passenger has suffered a stroke the 10 steps of the pre-developed proactive crisis communication plan needs immediate implementation. The steps are as follows: 1. Commitment from top management to be open and honest during this crisis is secured. The commitment to follow the plan as designed will ensure a better outcome than not implementing the plan. 2. The crisis communication team has been established. The team is a committee of highly trusted, culturally diverse, and experienced from various departments throughout the airport organization. The committee members consist of team chairperson, and government internal relations, operations, media relations, and community relations are represented on the team. 3. The scenario of a natural disaster crisis plan and a physical crisis plan are integrated during a brainstorming committee meeting by the communication team to prepare for a crisis such as this. 4. Stakeholders will be identified and the messages to the...
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