Metropolis Film Analysis

Topics: Metropolis, Science fiction film, Fritz Lang Pages: 3 (1175 words) Published: December 1, 2010
“Breaking down the utopia” In January of1927 Metropolis was released to the German public. The film, which was directed by Fritz Lang, was one of the first science fiction movies in the history of film. The film focuses on the differences between the working class who power the city and the wealthy whom indulge in it. The film was host to many German stars at the time such as Alfred Abel and Brigette Helm. As this conflict is going there is a separate yet relative story unfolding, a mad scientist has created an android out of love and desperation. Soon that same desperation drives him to use this robotic woman agansist his fellow man, causing open revolt and bloodshed. As Joh Frederson, founder of the great city stands ready to strike down those who built his city; the workers follow whom they think to be their spiritual leader in destruction and rebellion. Freder, son of the wealthy and brother to the workers stands in the middle determined to unite the two. He displays his purity when he takes the place of a fallen worker and then he goes on to save all the children when an angry mob leaves them to a vicious flood. When the robot is discovered the mob calms down realizing what they’ve done and Frederson learns from his son’s actions “the hands and brain of Metropolis are joined by its heart.”

Due to the fact that Metropolis was a silent film it relied heavily on the actors abilities and exaggerated expression, much as all films of that category did. All the elements of the film from the writing to the cinematography and acting, even down to the lighting are what make this film stand the test of time. (McGilligan 115-138) The cinematography is fantastic. The film used a lot of close ups as well as telephoto shots. The close ups emphasize the raw emotion of the characters like the innocence of Maria, or the panic of Freder, or the weariness of his father or even the madness of Maria’s duplicate. If not for these...
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