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Topics: License, Market, Licenses Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: January 28, 2013

Overview of the Current Scenario
Week1: Average Team Strength – 12; Average Productivity – 6.5 Week2: Average Team Strength – 10; Average Productivity – 7.2 Learning & Observations:
1) The market as a whole is quite receptive to the Cash & Carry concept saving a lot of effort in terms of making customer calls. 2) There is a major chunk of our prospective customers in the outskirts of the city; but many of them don’t have a valid business licence or don’t have a valid registration with Municipal Corporation. From the market visits undertaken by me, around 55-60% of the prospective customers do not have a valid licence. We used to register those customers using Nagar Council/Panchayat forms but these were discontinued from last week. As a whole these customers are interested to enrol with Metro and thus they are a huge potential market for us. 3) The main markets of Jalandhar were tapped earlier by the DSAs, thus they have a basic idea about Metro. However there are a few hindrances in the acquisition of these markets: * Largely there is an absence of MC registrations or other business proofs in these markets. From a sample of the market visits by us and the team attached is a sample of customers who don’t have any kind of business proof or have not renewed their licences. (Attached: Customers not having licence.xls) * Those of the prospective customers who have VAT certificates, many of them are hesitant to give us a copy of them due to the fear of getting taxed for all purchases done thru Metro. Most of them cite incidents of such taxations after purchase from Best-Price. * Another hindrance is the registration of customers by DSAs just on the basis of visiting card or bill in lieu of a valid business licence. Many of these cards have been validated and delivered. This lowers the trust of the customer on our team who genuinely ask for a business licence for customer registration. From a sample of the market visits by...
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