Metro Cash and Carry

Topics: Retailing, Hypermarket, Department store Pages: 57 (20770 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Company Profile4
Company History6
Mission Statement9
Business Concept11
METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan12
Organizational Structure14
Industry & Competitors’ Analysis15
Industry Analysis15
Competitors’ Analysis17
Makro-Habib Pakistan Limited17
Hyperstar Pakistan18
Literature Review20
Research Question26
Research Methodology29
Analysis & Findings32
Survey Questionnaires’ Analysis32
Experience Survey58
Survey Questionnaires64

Executive Summary
METRO Cash & Carry is one of the leading wholesale retailers in the world. Targeting businesses and professionals as their customers, it strives to provide them low prices along with high quality and wide range of assortment. It believes in building strong business relations by creating a win-win situation for its suppliers and customers. METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan has been operating in Pakistan since 2007. With five wholesale centers in four major cities of the country, which will soon increase to ten stores when merger with Makro-Habib completes, it is gradually growing as a key player in largely unstructured wholesale and retail industry of Pakistan. METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan initiated Management Trainee Officers’ Program in 2011, by hiring five Trainee Buyers for its Offer Management Division. It was first MTO program in wholesale industry of Pakistan, though there is no clear evidence that any such program exists in the wholesale industry elsewhere in the world. This business research project was conducted to find out whether the lack of comprehensive training plan was causing ineffective training and inability to meet training program’s objectives or not. This research study found out that indeed lack of comprehensive training plan was rendering training ineffective in addition to not meeting the training objectives. Background to the problem was the shortage of time available to Training Department to prepare a comprehensive and detailed training plan. Additionally, due to heavy work load, Senior Buyers in Offer Management Division were unable to give adequate time to Training Department to prepare an effective training plan. Training plan was not comprehensive, since there were no training objectives defined. Thus the trainees and trainers had no clue what were the objectives, how do they need to achieve them and what has to be the outcome of the training. Thus this caused misunderstanding and confusion amongst the trainees and trainers. There were no properly defined timelines and no formal or informal assessment. Therefore the training plan lacked in providing a clear direction and even exposure to Trainee Buyers. Each Trainee Buyer acquired different knowledge, performed different tasks, had different exposure and spent variable time in different categories and departments. Thus they were not evenly trained, and they were not equal. This meant that the lack of detailed and comprehensive training plan caused training to be ineffective. In addition to that, complete time of Trainee Buyers was not utilized in getting trained for tasks that will be helpful in their future job and improve their performance. A lot of time was wasted by remaining idle and a large portion of their time was wasted in performing tasks not relevant to their future job responsibilities. Thus the training program’s objectives were also not met. The training program was intended to provide these Trainee Buyers equal exposure of all the departments and categories, so there knowledge about the business and job is not confined to single category like most of the current Buyers at different levels in Offer Management Division. Additionally they need to acquire all the skills and knowledge to perform job tasks as an Assistant Buyer. But the research findings clearly illustrated that...
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