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------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 1

Which part of the sine-wave expression cannot be varied in accordance with the low-frequency intelligence to create a modulated signal?

Correct: Time

------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 2

Communication systems are most often categorized by what characteristic?

Correct: Carrier frequency

------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 3

Voltage gain in decibels is

Correct: 20 log " >

------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 4

Which expression indicates a measurement using a 1-W reference?

Correct: dBW

------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 5

An amplifier operating over a 2-MHz bandwidth has a 75 input resistance. If it is operating at 22°C and has a voltage gain of 300, the noise produced at the output of this amplifier would be approximately


------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 6

Which of the following is not an example of external noise?

Correct: Resistor noise

------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 7

An amplifier's output signal has 25 mV p-p of desired signal mixed in with 45 V rms of undesired noise. The load impedance is 50 . What is the amplifier's output S/N level in dB?

Correct: 45.9 dB

------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 8

Why does a 5-kHz square wave require a greater...
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