Methods of Paragraph Development

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Topic: Laptop – meaning and function
A laptop is a compact type of personal computer. It is made to be handy and accessible to use. It can be battery operated or can be plugged to the AC outlet. Most businessmen and professionals who are always mobile are using it for their work. Even students now have laptops for their studies. Although it is compact, it is still equipped with proper speed to do fast computations, analysis, and graphics designing. As technology grows, laptops are becoming smaller yet still powerful.


Topic: Losing a competition

What’s wrong about losing a competition? This has been a question being asked by a loser during a competition. In our community, it is common that losers are the one being talked about rather than the winner. The mistake committed by the loser has been the laugh of many gossips. What’s bad of doing a mistake in the competition? People are not perfect. Even if you are the greatest, there are times you will make mistakes. In every competition there is always a winner and a loser. However, in our culture, more often the effort performed by the loser is not appreciated.


Topic: Effects of Long Rain

Last month, the country experienced a long rain. According to news, this long rain is due to southwest Monsoon happening in South China Sea. Because of the long rain, it causes floods to many areas in Quezon City. People were stranded and traffic also becomes heavy. I was not able to go home easily coming from school. While staying in the bus for a long time, I noticed many garbage floating and some clogging on the drainage system. As a result, this garbage causes the heavy flood. When I reach home, consequently, I felt dizzy and found myself having a mild colds.


Topic: Similarity and Differences of a twin

Kylie and Kyla are identical twins. Since birth, their face is exactly the same. When they...
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