Methods of Liquid Waste Disposal

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  • Published : June 21, 2011
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Liquid Waste Disposal
There are only two legal methods for liquid waste disposal:
* The business can use a recognised waste consignment (“haulaway”) service * Obtain a ‘Consent to Discharge Trade Effluent’ from the local Water Services Companies so that waste can be discharged to the drains. This Code of practice recommends a choice of methods for waste photoprocessing liquids disposal depending on the system in operation. Trade Effluent

Trade effluent is:
* Liquid.
* Produced in the course of any trade or industry on trade premises. * Not domestic sewage or other domestic liquid waste.
Trade Effluent is defined fully in the 1991 Water Industry Act. It is an offence to discharge it without the formal consent of the Water Services Companies or when in breach of any condition of such a consent. The Urban Wastewater Treatment Regulations 1994 require Water Services Companies to exercise their powers under the Water Industry Act 1991 and write conditions into trade effluent consents and agreements to prevent trade effluents (either alone or in combination with other waste) causing damage or harm to: * the sewerage system

* the sewage treatment works
* employees and the general public
* the environment in general
The Sewerage System
Controls on trade effluents are necessary to prevent them causing: * Corrosion of the material of construction of the sewer, especially concrete pipes and mortar joints. * Blockage or hydraulic overloading of sewers leading to foul flooding of property or pollution of watercourses via network overflows. * The formation of explosive, flammable or poisonous gases in the sewerage system which may be prejudicial to the health of personnel maintaining the sewerage system or the cause of danger or a nuisance to adjoining properties. * Unacceptable discharges in times of rainfall from storm overflows on the sewerage system. The Sewage Treatment Works

The works must be protected to ensure that:...
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