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Literature Review3
Wired Connection3
Fiber Optic4
Wireless Connection5
Fixed Wireless5
Mobile Internet7

In the early nineties, Bangladesh had access to email via dialup to Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) of a few local providers. The combined Internet users of all the email-only service providers were not more than 500. Users were charged by the kilobyte, and mail was transferred from the BBS service providers to the rest of the world by International dialup using UUCP. In June 1996, the Government allowed VSAT's to be operated in the Private Sector, allbeit to be provided solely by the Government owned Telephone Operator, BTTB. Only a handful of ISPs were connected within the first year. However, more liberal Government policies followed in the subsequent years which led to a rapid expansion of this industry, eventually resulting in over 180 registered ISP's by 2005. ISPs are currently regulated by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission through the Bangladesh Telecommunications Act. BTCL or Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited, formerly BTTB, began operations on July 1, 2008./8 The Bangladesh government initially owns all shares of BTCL but it would offload shares in the next one year for public. The value of BTCL is estimated to be at Tk 15,000 crore. BTCL has a total of 12,636 officials and staffs. In pursuance of an ordinance promulgated by the president on 24 February 1979, the department was restructured into Bangladesh Telephone and Telegraph Board (BTTB) with a mandate to provide basic telecommunication services throughout the country. Now it has become BTCL. BTCL provides land-line telephone services in the urban areas, domestic long-distance calling and international services. In 2004, Bangladesh Government issued a number of PSTN licenses but they were barred to provide service in the lucrative Dhaka market (which account for majority of the nationwide market). This monopoly of BTCL was broken when 6 other operators started to receive their licenses from 2007. These 6 operators include PeoplesTel, RanksTel, National Telecom Limited, WorldTel, Dhaka Phone and Telebarta. BTCL provides dial-up Internet access in all 64 districts of the country, making it the most-accessible Internet service provider in the country. As of January 2009 its total dial-up subscriber is 32,433. Since the beginning of 2007 BTCL have improved its Dial-up Internet service for better customer satisfaction. It also handles the .bd domain. As of May 2008, the total number of subscribers of BTTB was 0.87 million. BTCL also offering a wide range of broadband internet services recently. Methodologies

Bangladesh is connected with SEA-ME-WE-4(Submarine cable). BTCL is the authorized bandwidth provider of our country and Mango as well. So those companies are physically connected with the submarine cable which located in the Cox’esbazar. The ISP’s are who are the main responsible company of provide the internet connectivity are connected with BTCL or Mango or both. The other telephone or mobile operators are also connected with BTCL. If any company wants to get internet connection then it should be contact with any ISP organization (it may be optical fiber or radio link). Presently two Wi-max companies are providing internet connection as well. Common methods of Internet access include dial-up, wired lines (over Cable Internet access, Optical fiber or twisted pairs), T-lines, Wireless (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max), satellite and cell phones. Literature Review

Wired Connection
Dial-up connections are the most common type of Internet connection available from ISPs and the slowest and (usually) the least expensive. A dial-up connection allows users to connect to the Internet via a local server using a standard 56k modem, the PC...
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