Methods of Food Preservation

Topics: Food preservation, Food, Food processing Pages: 5 (1163 words) Published: December 4, 2011

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FACULTY: Science and Agriculture

SEMESTER AND ACADEMIC YEAR: Summer (semester 3) 2009/2010


COURSE TITLE: Academic writing for different disciplines- Option C

TUTOR’S NAME: Claudette Jessop

TUTORIAL DAY AND TIME: Thursday 10-12noon

COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Expository method- Classification

DATE OF SUBMISSION: Monday 28th 2010.

Essay Topic: Methods of food preservation

Thesis Statement: Methods of food preservation can be categorized as use of chemical preservatives, removal of moisture, irradiation and temperature control.

|Sub-topics: |Topic sentences: | | | | |Chemical One type of food preservation method is the use of | | |chemical preservatives. | | |Removal of moisture Removal of moisture is also a class of food preservation. | | | | | |Irradiation Irradiation is another kind of food preservation method. | | | | | | | | |Temperature Foods can also be preserved by types of methods that | | |employ temperature control. | | | | | | | |

Food preservation has contributed to today’s civilization by providing foods to most individuals unable to grow their own food. Foods transported from rural areas to urban areas are susceptible to spoilage caused by pests or micro-organism such as yeast and fungi (Rahaman 2007). Preservation is important to maintain or create nutritional value, texture and flavor of foods (Wikipedia encyclopedia 2008). It involves methods of maintaining foods at a desired quality for their maximum benefit to consumers (Rahaman 2007). Food preservation is the main purpose of food processing and is essential in food...
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