Methods of Enquiry

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methods of enquiry
Comparison on Research Enquiry between Two Papers
Paper1. Customer Satisfaction in Food Retailing: Comparing Specialty and Conventional Grocery Stores Paper2. Identifying Likeable Attributes: A Qualitative Study of Television Advertisements in Asia Name: Shujing Liang

Student Number: 21047376
School Affiliation: SBS
Title of Course: Methods of Enquiry: Research And Consultancy Processor: Trevor Hassall
Date: May 01, 2012
1. Introduction3
2. Interesting/Importance of the article3
3. Importance of outcomes4
4. Motivating5
5. Research Problem5
6. Theoretical approach6
7. Key motivation literatures7
8. Research Methodology8
9. Research Method Facilitated Research Question9
10. Sample Selected9
11. Addressed questions of validity10
12. Results were analysed11
13. Conclusions and recommendations consistent with the findings12 14. Conclusion13
15. Reference14

1. Introduction

The paper mainly focuses on the comparison between a quantitative research and qualitative study. Besides, the comparison is represented in different aspects. Firstly, the importance of the article and outcomes and ways motivate the authors to write the article is mentioned. Further, it is necessary to identify the research problem/question, theoretical approach, key motivations literatures and selected research methods and sample. Moreover, the aspect is that research method facilitated the questions, questions of validity, results were analysed and conclusions and recommendations consistent with findings is considered to contrast between two articles.

2. Interesting/Importance of the article

The first paper investigates customer satisfaction in food retailing in United States. It mainly compared and contrasted different customer behaviour towards the conventional grocery stores as compared to specialty grocery stores. This research is beneficial for both the customers and the grocery stores. The different purchasing behaviour and levels of satisfaction can be acquired based on this research. The readers can understand the various factors influencing customer satisfaction. The retailing industry can understand the current situation in satisfying customers in this unstable environment.

The qualitative paper which is significant to different areas mainly identifies the study of probable attributes in television advertisements in Asia. Firstly, it aims to demonstrate the findings of a cross-cultural qualitative search through discussing five cities in Asia to analyse Asian customers' attitudes towards television commercials. Besides, television advertisements have to be an interesting topic and theme while individual's spare time. Therefore, advertising may lead that consumers tend to buy products because of its attractive image and visual effect. Furthermore, television advertisements are essential to companies because the majority of firms in Asia prefer to use advertising as a vital marketing strategy for introducing and selling their products to consumers.

3. Importance of outcomes

The results of paper 1 are quite significant in the satisfying customers in shopping in grocery stores. The food retail managers can establish related marketing strategies according to different factors which affects consumers’ buying behaviour. The grocery stores can make improvement in the products and services based on the results in this research. Thus, several aspects in grocery shopping can be improved in order to meet customer’s need, such as price, product, quality, service, etc (Larpsiri R, Speece M, 2004). The customers can also be provided with satisfied products and services when purchasing.

However, the results of the qualitative research take a vital role to various fields in relation to television advertisements. The outcomes indicated differences in the probable attributes among five cities in Asia. The research offer valuable results for international marketers who...
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