Methods of Contraception

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Methods of Contraception

By | June 2011
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Tina and Dan would benefit from using several types of contraception methods. The couple could use birth control pills which is an effective method of contraception. When Tina and Dan decide they are ready to start a family, it is recommended that Tina discontinue the oral contraceptives at least three months before she wants to become pregnant. The advantage to oral contraceptives is this method has a low failure rate of less than 0.5%. There is also more than one type of birth control pill to choose from, giving the couple a personal choice. There is no need to interrupt love making to insert a contraceptive since the pill is taken orally at one's chosen time of the day. The disadvantage of oral contraceptives is that the pill must be taken as prescribed; one dose daily is the typical treatment, though, there are other birth control pills that are taken less often. Another disadvantage is if Tina and Dan decide they would like to start a family sooner than they anticipated, it is recommended that the couple to wait three months to become pregnant, after Tina stops taking the pill. There are side effects associated with birth control pills; an increased risk of cancer such as ovarian, uterine, and an increased risk of blood clots and stroke. Other less invasive methods of birth control are contraceptives that Tina can insert into the vagina manually. There is no need for a prescription because these methods are over the counter. The couple might want to consider using a spermicide in addition to a condom for added protection. The advantage is there are no hormones and the side effects are minimal. The disadvantage to using condoms and spermicides is having to interrupt love making to use these methods and must be inserted no longer than two hours before needed. The condom must be put on when the penis is erect, just before insertion. Another disadvantage is the condom can break or slip off while inside the vagina, increasing the risk of...

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