Methods of Communication

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Method of written communication.
letterBusiness letters have to reach high standards of communication as people outside the organization Letters have to be clear especially if they are issuing instructions. A letter could also give rise to legal liability if it is.Employees, manager, staff, organizers, faxAlthough since the widespread of email they are used less frequently faxes are still used in many businesses. A fax is a scanned document that is sent through a telephone line to a recipient. They can be used to send documents quickly if only a hard copy is available. Employees , emaila common form of written communication in business. It is a quick way to communicate as preparing an email does not require any discussion or interaction. The content of the email is produced from a lot of research.Manager, employees invoiceis a detailed bill left by the sellers of goods and services. employees

Method of non-written communication:
Telephone callCommunicating via the phone is more personal than email , so there is less scope for misinterpretation .It is a necessity in business to communicate via the phone ,a message can quickly be communicated ,making it a powerful business too .Staff ,employees manager Video conferencingSome companies with more than one office use video conferencing to save travelling time and cost . Video conferencing basically allows people at two or more different location to see each other while talking .This can help if visual information is to be displayed .employees
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