The Methods of Execution used in the United States of America

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  • Published: January 20, 2004
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The Methods of Execution used in the United States of America

Why read?

*Firstly you will learn about the different types of executions that take place, when someone is sentenced to the death penalty.

*You yourselves will be able to judge whether these types of execution are a so called Humane and Painless way to die.

*Although very doubtful, you may well find yourself in the position where this is happening to you!

Things to be covered.

*The different types of execution that take place.

*I will give a detailed description of the procedures that take place when the person is about to die.

*The effects these methods of execution have on the person.

*I will also describe how some of these methods can go terribly wrong and the consequences when they do go wrong.

*Some of the crimes that actually deserve the death penalty.


*The object is to enhance your knowledge of what is actually happening in the United States of today.

*Also so you will actually think twice, before committing a crime that will involve the taking of your own life.


The first method I will be covering and in my opinion is the best and most humane way is the Lethal Injection. The lethal injection isn't as many people think one injection that kills you out right. It is made up of three different injections of three different chemicals.

The 1st injection puts you to sleep and is a substance called Sodium Pentothal. (This is similar to the procedure that is used when a person is having an operation)

Then there is a 30 second interval. (To give time for it to take effect)

The 2nd injection Stops your lungs and is a called Pancuronium Bromide.

Then there is a 60 second interval. (For the same reason as just explained)

And then finally the 3rd injection Stops your heart and is called Potassium Chloride the person is then pronounced dead.

The procedure.

*Firstly the patient has a catheter placed onto their genitals and a plug up their rectum so there isn't a mess when their muscles loosen on the point of death. This is done so the `sterile effect` isn't lost in front of all the witnesses.

*A contract nurse places the `Drip Line` in to the person mainly into the ARM but can also be put into the NECK or GROIN area.

*Then on the stroke of Midnight the patient who is strapped to the table is wheeled into the execution chamber and the blinds in the room are raised. At this point the Death Warrant is read and the Lethal Injection Machine connected to the person.

The Lethal Injection Machine has 3 modes of operation.

1st Automatic: This consists of 3 buttons to release each of the 3

plunges to push the chemicals into the body, all three have to be unlocked first. Then a further button is pressed to release the pistons, the 1st piston drops - 3 lights, 2nd piston - 3 lights and then the 3rd - 3 lights then the sequence is over and the patient should be dead. Whilst this is happening the sequence is also being timed by a stop watch in case it isn't operating correctly. If this happens the next mode of operation is used.

2nd Electrical Backup:This is where 3 switches are made to operate the 3 individual pistons. Each made at the correct time with the use of the stop watch.

3rd Manual Backup:If all else fails there is 3 handles, like 3 oversized manual chokes in a car these are pulled at the correct time in accordance again with the stopwatch.

Things that have gone wrong.

*There have been cases where the incorrect mixture of drugs has been given, this causing the person to Choke and Heave throughout the execution before eventually dying.

*Another case the drip line had a leak and sprayed the technicians with the lethal drugs. The tube had to be reinserted and the person in this case took 24 minutes to die.


The next method I will be explaining and probably the most publicised American execution method, made famous by numerous films and...
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