Methodology of the Research Process

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Methodology of the Research Process
Health Care Research Utilization
January 26, 2013

There are studies and research as well as research methods that have been used to conduct research on childhood obesity, and the ways that parents and health care providers can prevent it. The study and studies have been and are conducted on children from infants to age 12. Childhood obesity is a growing concern for pediatricians and parents. There are about 10% of children who are younger than five and two years who are obese. The study is to help resolve obesity in children/childhood obesity and help the health care administrators to find ways to help battle this disease with methodology measures. The purpose for this study is to locate preventative measures for obesity in children, and provide ways to assist the medical professionals in providing care that is and will be needed. Many of the research questions address ways that pediatricians could prevent obesity by educating parents. Some of the questions were also directed at moms that breastfeed their babies to maintain a healthy weight. Last but definitely not least, there were questions about the sugared sweetened beverages which are given to children.

The problem the study was conducted to resolve was the issues with obesity in children. This problem is important for health care administrators to study because, the health care administrators want to find ways to prevent and help parents of obese children to understand the problems with obesity and to educate the public about obesity in children as well as provide effective care. It has been found through research that obese children are twice at risk of having more reported medical, developmental or mental conditions compared to other children that are not overweight. The hypothesis is identified by the CDC growth curves for the young patients and conducted on babies that had been...
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