Methodology: Language Education and Aim

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  • Published : October 1, 2011
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Associate professor T.I. Oliynyk
4th year, English Faculty


1. Methods as the theory of teaching and science. Relations of FLT Methodology to other sciences. 2. Research Methods. Experiment as the leading research method. Structure. Requirements. Classification of experiments. 3. Principles and Methods of FLT. Teaching Aids and their types. Teaching Materials. A FLT Coursebook and requirements to it. 4. Aims and Content of FLT. Communicative competence as the goal of teaching a FL. 5. The System of Exercises in Teaching English. The Structure and Classification of Exercises. 6. How to Teach Grammar. The aim and content of teaching grammar in school. Active Grammar Minimum. Stages. Exercises. 7. Teaching Grammar. Passive Grammar Minimum. Stages. Exercises. 8. Teaching Vocabulary. The aim and content of forming lexical competence. Active, Passive and Potential Vocabulary. Stages of forming lexical habits. Means of presenting vocabulary. Exercises. 9. Teaching Vocabulary. Passive and Potential Vocabulary. Stages of forming lexical habits. Types and kinds of lexical exercises. 10. Potential vocabulary and its resources. Exercises.

11. Teaching Pronunciation. The aim and content of forming phonetic competence. Approximation. Stages. Exercises. 12. Teaching Intonation: stages and exercises.
13. Teaching Listening Comprehension. The aim and content of forming the auditory competence. Types of Listening. Difficulties of understanding audiotexts. Requirements to audiotexts. 14. Listening comprehension exercises. Comprehension check.

15. Teaching Speaking. Psychological and linguistic characteristics of dialogical and monological .speech. Functional types of dialogue and monologue. Approaches. 16. The aim and content of teaching dialogue. Stages. Exercises. Close-to real situations and role play in teaching dialogue. 17. Teaching Speaking (Monological Speech). Aims of teaching monologue. The minimum unit of teaching. Stages...
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