Methodology for Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Topics: Rectifier, Capacitor, Electricity Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Hydropower, hydraulic power or water power is power that is derived from the force or energy from moving water, which may be harnessed for useful purposes. This chapter discusses the major components of the projects, (a) turbine, (b) generator, (c) assembling, (d) Circuit, (e) block diagram.

Hydropower projects are always site-specific and thus designed according to the water system. Since it is defined that water wheel turbine is best suited for low head power plant. We plan to use this type of turbine using scrap materials such as: old bicycle rim; galvanize sheet; bearing; bolt and nut; rivet; and others.

Figure 3.1.1 (Material Used in the turbine)

Figure 3.1.2 (Pre-assembled Turbine)

There are various type of generator existing and can be used in a huge application. Permanent magnet DC motors available that will work well as generators but they weren't designed to be generators. Some types of motor are a lot worse than others. When used as generators, motors generally have to be driven far faster than their rated speed to produce anything near their rated voltage. The motor used in this project is an car air condition blower rated single phase 2 pole, 220Watts, 24 Volts DC, 4500 rated RPM and 9.2A rated current. Since the rated voltage is higher than the required voltage of 12V the required RPM is approximately 2000RPM to produce 12V DC. This generator is already good enough to charge a motorcycle battery with the used of rectifier circuit.

Figure 3.2.1 (Generator assembly)

Since the generator has an output of a DC current, it is not possible to directly charge that battery without any rectification. Full wave rectification is generally used in a single phase circuit. The purpose of this diode is to allow the flow of current in one direction, as shown in the figure below, if the battery is directly connected to the generator, the generator will act as a motor and used the energy from the battery...
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