Methodology and Procedures

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Methodology and Procedures
The first purpose of the section on methodology and procedures, which is included in Chapter I, is to demonstrate your familiarity with the particular research methodology you intend to use. (Note that this discussion uses the term methodology, singular, though your research may draw on one or more specific research methodologies.) The second purpose of this section is to describe, at least tentatively, specific procedures that you anticipate adopting for your thesis. In other words, this section succinctly articulates specific procedures for addressing your research problem and what you intend to do to answer your research question. The methodology and procedures sections include a concise discussion of your methodology, participants, materials, and procedures.

Research Methodology
The criteria for the thesis in the Counseling Psychology program were stated previously (see pp. 33-34) as follows:
Within the context of the Institute’s guiding vision, students are encouraged to select a particular topic that they wish to explore in depth. Towards this end, the student is asked to
 pursue an area of individual interest relevant to the issues of counseling and depth psychology (e.g., therapeutic issues, psychological motifs, clinical procedures);
 ground this particular area of interest in a conceptual framework (e.g., background information, findings, concluding evaluation);
 demonstrate competency in researching a specific area and in expressing ideas with clarity and precision; and
 submit a thesis that meets all criteria for the completion of the thesis and is worthy of submission to ProQuest for publication as determined by the Research Coordinator.
In order to satisfy these criteria and to assist future researchers, the student will select a methodology or methodologies suitable for the research problem and research question and write a statement regarding research methodology in the thesis...
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