Methodology and Information Systems Methodologies

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  • Published : September 9, 2011
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An information systems methodology to support the selection and implementation of library management systems is proposed. A brief review of the nature and com ponents of information systems methodologies is offered as a basis. The proposed methodology draws from established information systems methodologies and from the literature on computer-based library systems. The methodology which is intended to encourage a more systematic approach to systems selection and implementation has five main stages: definition of objectives; specification of requirements; systems selection; systems implementation, and systems evaluation. Tools take the form of a series of checklists covering issues to be considered at various stages in the project. The methodology has potential applications in other environments where the focus is on the acquisition of hard ware and software and not as the design of an in-house system.

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System Analysis and Design
            There are considerable methodologies and theories in which to conduct a research for this topic.             The use of User Satisfaction Questionnaire as a method for the research is quantifiable and effective to come up with valid and reliable results. The purpose is to establish a baseline for user satisfaction. Selection of students will be identifying by age, course, frequency of use, gender, and other demographic elements. The Session Activity Logging can be another method to use. Its purpose is to get an early comparative reading of user satisfaction with the library system and the system itself. Moreover, the contextual inquiry is an approach to study technique combining observation and interview methods to gain an interpretation of work practice. While Laboratory-Based User Testing can be useful in examining representative or surrogate users as they work through set tasks in...
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