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How could Meizu enhance their competitiveness in young Danish smartphone market?

1.0 Introduction
The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Meizu has planned to enter the Danish smartphone market. As a new brand entering the unknown market, Meizu needs to react to competitiveness pressure and severe challenges from many famous mobile phone brands which also sell well like Apple, Samsung, and Nokia, etc. These companies have great influences on young Danish smart phone market and they have big shares in the market, too. Facing such powerful competitors, how to let the Meizu become more competitive in the young Danish market? As a result, they must understand the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors so that they can improve their product and hold the market shares. The majority of young people like following fashion and they have their own personality. Young people pursue famous brands and then, they may focus on functions and appearances. Thus, a good brand is the biggest attraction of potential customers. Meanwhile, as the new brand enters a new market, young Danes are unfamiliar with Meizu, so they need to build their brand image to attract young people and arouse their curiosity of Meizu. If Meizu company wants to become popular and competitive in the new market, they need to know the demands of young people and which product characteristics are essential. Once their products satisfied the need of young people with a reasonable price, they will be more competitiveness in the smartphone market. It is important for Meizu Company to analyze their superiorities and shortages. If Meizu wants to enhance their competitiveness, they need to let more young Danish know their brand and their superiority.

2.0 Problem statement
The main problem statement of Meizu is how they can enhance their competitiveness in young Danish smartphone market? They also can get more information and details from the Danes’ smartphone market through some sub-problems. There are three sub-problems.Firstly, how to ensure the young Danes demands for mobile phones? Secondly, how to let their brand become well-known in young Danish smartphone market? Thirdly, What kind of mobile phone they like?

3.0 Methodology
3.1 Research method

Survey& Data analysis

Meizu plans to enter the young Danish smartphone market. However, they do not know what strong competitors they will face. As a result, we will do a survey for young Danish using of smartphones in Copenhagen in order to know common customer behavior and their main competitors. The survey contains several multiple choices and some open questions which require particular ideas by survey participants who are Copenhagen students. We will use bearer statistics to analyze the results from the surveys. After getting the statistical data, we will plot statistical graph which helps us to know common young Danish demands clearly. We will use some pie charts, bar graphs and proportion analysis to analyze the data from the surveys. It will help us to make our result better by carrying on the analysis discussion and make plan more reasonable to enhance Meizu’s competitiveness.

As it is known to all, market requirement is changeful. Consumers have different demands in different time. Thus, it is not very easy for a new brand to enter a new market. To enhance Meizu’s competitiveness, we need to start from knowing customers needs. What Meizu are suppose to do is to meet the different demands of consumers. Meizu can’t have an important place in Danish smartphone market unless they prepare well.

We will use three methods which are SWOT, PEST analysis, and 4PS to help us do analysis. And we will use 4P’s which includes Product, Price, Promotion and Place to analyze Meizu’s product itself. Furthermore, we will use PEST analysis to analyze the external environment.

3.2 SWOT

SWOT analysis is an organization’s appraisal of its internal strengths and weaknesses and its...
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