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Method of Research

The survey method of research was used because it is fact finding with adequate interpretations involving descriptions and recording. Furthermore the purpose of this kind of research is to report the present status of the online gaming among the PUP students.

Population Sample Size and Sampling Techniques
This research is based on purposive sampling technique, the alternative use of probability sampling is not considered due to limited time and resources.
Description of Respondents
The description of the 20 students from PUP we interviewed, aged 16–19, were tall, thin and long haired.

Research Instrument
One research instrument was used during this work. We conducted a prolonged one – on - one interview with the 20 students that agreed to take the interview.

Data Gathering Procedure

To gather information needed in this study, the researchers interviewed students from PUP. All the information are widely collected and analyzed by the researchers to come with an idea of knowing the advantages and disadvantages of online gaming.

Research Instrument

  Interview. This method involves the collection of data through direct verbal interaction. Since this involves a verbal interaction, the develops as the interviewer could easily adapt with greater clarity. Through interview, the developers became away on how the customer can satisfy enjoyable and make them to come back.       

Statistics Treatment of Data
This was used to find out part of relation of the score of one respondents to the whole group. Ranking
This showed how the scores of a respondents to the group
This was used to get a representative score of the group.
This is used to determined the number of responses as perceived by the respondents or the different categories included in the study
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