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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Methodology deals with the methods, techniques, and procedures used to collect and analyse failures. It shows the vulnerable areas in which need to be addressed or guarded against.

Methodology is the compiled list of practice, and development of knowledge, and the execution of steps and procedures in experiments and empiricism.

Waterfall Model
The Waterfall software development methodology is one of the most widely known and recognized methodologies. Originally designed for the manufacturing and construction industries, it is called ‘Waterfall’ because of the way that it’s phases flow downward, similar to an actual waterfall. It is best uesd for projects where the requirements are clearly stated and static, or where it helps to have a rigid management structure with up-front requirements and agreed timeline and budget. Many times the decision to use Waterfall over another method (such as Agile) is simply a matter of the personalities involved in the project, including the project sponsor. Using the Waterfall software development life cycle, the implementation of the system is preceded by requirements definition, analysis, design and development. One problem with the traditional waterfall method, is that it is impossible to perfect one phase alone before moving to the next phase. Another issue with waterfall in general is that the nature of design in any creative field (software development included) makes it difficult if not impossible to define all of the requirements up-front or even prior to completion. In a project where requirements are always changing, and new ideas are being formed as design proceeds creates a ‘moving target’ syndrome where the waterfall model just does not fit.

One of the most important tasks in the development of software using the waterfall method is gathering and defining  the requirements for the project.  Software requirements analysis is a rather broad field of software engineering and project management, but...
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