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1.)Courtesy Call

Last November 19, 2011, it is our courtesy call to the barangay hall of Panipuan, San Fernando. We met the person in the barangayhall, he introduce himself and we also introduce ourselves, we've talked about the things or project that we are going to accomplish in six periods or six Saturdays. After some conversations, the first decision was made and we are going to interview all houses per purok. Every group was appointed to their purok. After then they change their mind that only purok 8 / Brgy. Ginebra / River Side that we will make interview and make a map of their barangay. And have a plan to repaint the wall garden in front of the school, and have a plan to plant trees in River Side and lastly is to have feeding program on their area. Our main goal is to become the River more beautiful to know what is their common problem on thr area and our objective is to beable to accomplish our tasks and to maintain the discipline in our group.


We went to Brgy. Ginebra to interview about in their life. Our facilitator gave us questioners so that we know what are we going to ask. Those questions were given because to know what is their common problems in their barangay and to know the population in their barangay. With those question we know what is their needs in their daily life. Doing interview it can make you become confident on yourself and to improve your social skills because of that you can use social skill someday when you are out of direction and we became close to our group.


We think that we applied our knowledge in statistics by using tallying because we've already studied tallying when we are high school. We tallied their answer from the interview that we did. Using tallying we know what is their common problems on their community and we know how many percentage that have bathroom, population of boys and girls and etc.
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