Methodologies of Inofrmation Systems

Topics: Rapid application development, Waterfall model, Systems Development Life Cycle Pages: 9 (2494 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Table of Contents
Table of Contentsi
Table of Figuresii
Definition Information Systems1
Project Manager1
System Development Life Cycle2
Advantages of traditional System Development Life Cycle2
Disadvantages of traditional System Development Life Cycle2
Parallel Development3
Phase 1: System Identification, Selection & Planning3
Phase 2: System Analysis3
Phase 3: System Design3
Phase 4: System Implementation3
Phase 5: System Maintenance3
Waterfall Model4
When SDLC is used4
Predictive Approach4
Adaptive Approach4
SSADM Structured System Analysis and Design Method5
SSADM Phases & Stages5
Feasibility Study5
Requirement Analysis5
System Design5
Contrasting SSADM and SDLC6
When SSADM is used6
JAD Joint Application Data7
Benefits of JAD7
When JAD is used7
RAD Rapid Application Development8
Different ways of implementing RAD8
Iterative Development8
System Prototyping8
Throwaway Prototyping8
Advantages of Rapid Application Development9
Disadvantages of Rapid Application Development9
Contrasting RAD & JAD9
When RAD is used9

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Parallel Development3
Figure 2: Waterfall Method4

In this report I will outline what is the different methodologies used to develop computer based information systems. I will elaborate on the methodologies of the SDLC, SSADM, JAD and RAD. I will be referencing to various books and journals from the Institute’s library to academically illustrate my report through a number of credible sources. At the conclusion of this report the reader should have a considerable amount of knowledge on the methodologies of an information system and when best to use on methodology to the other. Definition Information Systems

Information systems are combined mixtures of hardware, software and telecommunications networks that companies and people create and use to gather and distribute valuable data most commonly in an organisational situation. (Valacich & Jessup 06) Computers are the main component of information systems. The advantage of having somewhat reasonably priced easy-to-use technology has had major implications on the business world. (Valacich & Jessup 06) According to Chaos report in 2004 published by Standish group a mere 29% of I.T projects were successful with 71% failing in meeting the requirements of success. (Dennis04)(Valacich & Jessup 06)

Project Manager
The main objectives of a project manager is to evaluate whether the project is feasible, develop the time that will be needed to complete the project and to calculate the resources that will be required to carry out the project. The project manager is vital to developing projects within the organisation in case of problems within the new or existing information system. (Satzinger et al 09)

System Development Life Cycle
Just like the product life cycle of a product the System development life cycle explains the life cycle process an information system from introduction to retirement. The main models of the SDLC are the Spiral model, Waterfall Model and the Parallel Model. (Hoffer, George & Valacich) Advantages of traditional System Development Life Cycle

* Strict review at the conclusion of each of the phases leaves room for little error * This method will generate significant system documentation * Specific documentation will guarantee that systems necessities can be examined and track back the business’s needs (Reynolds 06) Disadvantages of traditional System Development Life Cycle

* The user may be given a system that targets their needs but not what is needed at the present time * Can have the user confused when needs go unstated
* The user can’t review transitional products and give opinion on which product to evaluate (Valacich & Jessup 06)(Reynolds 06)

Parallel Development

Figure 1:...
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