Methodological Pluralism

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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“Toward an Integral Approach to Organization Theory” is an article written by Clint Fuhs. Fuhs is an advocate of integral approach towards theory. So this article is also written to explain the need and importance of integral approach in organizational theory, and it also explores the ways through which Meta theory can be developed using integral approach about organizational theories. Summary

Author in this article uses the integral approach to show a way for developing a Meta theory. What is a Meta theory? “The term suggests the existence of one inclusive, integrated, or singular theory explaining the form and function of organizations, when in fact there are many organization theories, covering dozens of topics in ways that seldom align and often appear to be in direct opposition to each other (clint Fuhs 2010)”.

Author basis the possibility of developing Meta theory on Methodological Pluralism principle of Welber. It states there are many types of perspectives on any situation, and getting a usable handle on something requires looking at it from multiple angles. Wilber has said "everyone is right," to indicate that all sincere perspectives and modes of inquiry, while fallible and limited, have something valid to offer. This methodological pluralism (Wilber, 2005) is a multi-methodological approach to scientific inquiry. It includes a more precise understanding of the appropriate application of a range of methodologies (including objective scientific methods, subjective phenomenological methods, and intersubjective hermeneutic methods), the types of knowledge claims that each method can and can't make, and the relationships and synergies between them for mixed-method approaches.

This article investigates three areas of organization theory environment, structure and design, and culture from three distinct historical paradigms or perspectives. Over the last two centuries, three broad perspectives on the nature of reality and human...
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