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Methodist Health System
The purpose of this essay is to analyze and share the Mission, Vision and Values of the Methodist Health System. Also pertinent to gain insight on Methodist data in regards to the historical performance and financial status, the resources that apply, and the valued internal chain of the system.

Methodist Health Care System has a mission, and that is to “improve and save lives through compassionate quality health care” (Methodist Health Systems, 2011). There is a Vision and that is “to be the trusted provider of integrated quality health care in North Texas” (Methodist Health System, 2011) and last is Values, which shares in with the “historic commitment to Christian concepts of life and learning” (Methodist Health Systems, 2011). Methodist relates to the values, which is ‘Methodist Shines’ and stands for “Servants Heart- Compassionately putting others first, Hospitality- offering a welcoming and caring environment, Innovation- courageous creativity and commitment to quality, Noble- unwavering honesty and integrity, Enthusiasm- celebration of individual and team accomplishment, Skillful- dedicated to learning and excellence” (Methodist Health Systems, 2011) and those are the values for Methodist. It is pertinent to know that based on the organization’s Mission, Vision and Values, they aim at providing quality care and place patients and the community as a top priority.

Methodist was founded in 1927 and since then has provided a solid respectful connection towards the communities, and has implemented many programs such as the ‘senior access, mobile mammography, life shines bright pregnancy program, congregational health ministry and community health education events’ and has given patients knowledge. (Methodist Health System, 2011) The Methodist Health System is a nonprofit health facility and over the years it has gone through changes, creating a better quality care foundation with a strong mission and a patient commitment to...
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