Method Project (Marketing Management)

Topics: Wind power, Wind power in the United States, Wind power in Denmark Pages: 2 (343 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Wind. It blows.
Submission date: Tuesday, 25.09.2012

Educational institution: Business Academy Aarhus
Project code: CA2, Method Project
Study programme: Marketing Management Programme, Entrepeneurship and Innovation Group members: Megija Turka, Stanislav Durilla, Lassi Aarnio and Mathias Friis Supervisor: Sebastian Nielsen

Table of contents
List of appendices2
1.1 Background3
1.2 Problem formulation3
1.3 Delimitation3

List of appendices

1. Introduction
1.1 Background
We have picked Vestas Wind Systems and Siemens Wind Power as subject to our method project, partly due to the combined knowledge between the members of the group, and partly because of the easy access to annual reports on both companies’ web pages. Further, our group is interested in green innovation and protecting the environment, which made Vestas versus Siemens an easy choice.

1.2 Problem formulation
Through analyzing the annual reports of 2011 from both Vestas Wind Systems and Siemens Wind Power, we will try to compare the two companies and determine whether one or the other is in a stronger position regarding the wind mill industry. In the analysis the report will focus on: * Comparing the financial situation of both Vestas Wind Systems and Siemens Wind Power * Specific analysis of the differences in for example turnover * Comparing the market shares of the two companies and analysis of the results * What are the future development estimations for the two companies?

1.3 Delimitation
In this report Vestas Wind Systems will be referred to as Vestas. Siemens Wind Power will be referred to as Siemens. The report will focus solely on comparing the two companies’ financial situation as of 2011. In the analysis it would have been a good idea to compare the financial development of the companies through, for example, the last 5 years but due to the page limitations we have decided to go with only one year. We will look at the...
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