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Method of Investigation

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Method of Investigation

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Acknowledgements (i) Introduction (ii) Statement of the problem (iii) Method of Investigation (IV) Instrument used to collect Data (v) Procedures used to collect Data (VI) Presentation and Explanation of Data (VII) Interpretation of Data (VIII) Findings (IX)

Recommendations (X)

I have successful completed this exercise and I am grateful for the helped and supported by many people who cooperate with me during the write of the exercise.
My deeply thanks to my teacher for the guidance of the project and for correcting my various documents and for the assistance and care. I would like to thanks the principal of the learner’s centre for encouragement and support. My deep sense of gratitude to my sister and my family member and friends for their great assistance of help in distributing questionnaires and collating data.

I have been are resident of a particular community in western Jamaica...

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