Method for Matching Hypothesis

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  • Published : October 2, 2007
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A corelational analysis was used. Two co-variables that were being measured were the attractiveness level of males and females and the fact of weather they were in a couple or not.

The ethics that could come across is deception, as the experimenter couldn't tell the participants what the experiment was about otherwise they would give the answer that the experimenter was looking for, or they may give the answer that the experimenter wasn't looking for and therefore not be true to their judgement. Thus leading to not getting informed consent before the experiment was taken place. However to overcome this participants were given a debrief at the end of the experiment and given a chance to withdraw their results. Although the ethics wasn't going to cause any psychological harm, the participants were given a chance to keep there identity confidential from others to try and overcome the deception at the start of the experiment.


20 participants aged between 16 and 18 years old, all attending Dallam sixth form in Cumbria were used. Opportunity sampling at lunchtime was used and any person willing to take part, could. All participants were given the same pictures and instructions. The researcher was a 17-year-old female sixth former at Dallam School.


•Pictures of 10 couples found on the Internet. (see appendix) •A grid in which people put the number of the picture in a box in accordance to the attractive level they thought they were. (see appendix) •A tally chart was used to record all the results. (see appendix) •The pictures were cut up and they all need to be the same size, colour, font etc. the pictures were then stuck randomly on two pieces of paper, one for the males and one for the females.


1.The pictures were gathered from the Internet of males and females in a couple. 20 pictures were gathered altogether, 10 of each gender, cut up to be of all the same, colour, font, etc. and...
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