Method Acting

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  • Published: January 1, 1996
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There are many diverse methods and approaches to acting , each actor uses the

things he has learned and creates his own unique way of playing and interpreting a role.

Using the things he has learned, he can find his own weaknesses and strong points and

therefore creating this method that belongs to him only. But before the actor can learn his

own method, he must study many other methods to the approach of acting. There are

many different methods of acting.

One of the many methods is called presentational acting. When using this

approach, an actor will study his character and 'present' the character by mimicking the

actions this character would make, along with the character's speech, tones, gestures, and

mannerisms. Sometimes an actor using this method will actually 'feel' the character's

emotions. An actor must develop this character during the rehearsal's so that he can

reproduce the same effects for the performance and know how to stay focused and remain

in control of the characters actions and knowing what to expect. This method requires

much attention to voice and movement, the major tools used in this method.

Another method is called representational acting. In this method, the actor

actually tries to put himself in the character's place, feeling what the character would feel,

and experiencing his thoughts and emotions. Even though movement is important in this

method, more emphasis is put on the actual feelings and emotions, as though you really

were in this character's place. Internal portrayal is very important while portraying a

character using this method.

In contrasting the two methods, it comes down to the fact that when using

representational acting, an actor uses the psychological feelings and emotions of the

character; in presentational acting, an actor uses the gestures, words, and mannerisms,

portraying the external characteristics of a role. Both methods present the truth in...
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