Topics: Mind, Metaphysics, Psychology Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: June 14, 2013
A Beautiful Mind and Metaphysics
By Cierra
HZT 4U Assignment
A beautiful mind is a biographical film based on the life of a Nobel laureate in Economics, John Nash and his struggle with his mental health. John Nash devoted himself to finding something unique, a mathematical theorem that would be completely original, he isn’t very social but spends a lot of time with his roommate, Charles, who eventually becomes his best friend. John is soon a professor at MIT where he meets and eventually married a graduate student, Alicia. However overtime John begins to lose his sense in reality, eventually being institutionalized diagnosed with schizophrenia. As everything from his past is questionable whether they were real or imaginary, he withdraws from society. Later on begins to return to teaching. A beautiful mind asks a few metaphysical questions, that human beings still ask this day and age. The number one main question that is asked is; What is reality? Followed along with, what is the nature of reality? And Do we have free will to make our own decisions? This movie has great examples at answering the questions above. A beautiful mind answers the metaphysical questions above, in a number of ways, all though they are not clear, it is necessary to be able to connect all events to the questions, because it revolves around questions, after questions. The question about “What is reality and what is the nature of reality?” plays a huge part in the plot of the movie, as it is learnt that John Nash experiences difficulties in differentiating reality and imagination. Towards the middle of the movie John Nash is living his life teaching as a professor, talking in his room to his best friend Charles, and helping a fellow named Parcher to who is working to solve a conspiracy case of an atomic bomb threat towards the U.S. When the conspiracy situation goes wrong in Nash’s head, and he is being chased in what he thinks are agents who want to kill him, then later on realizes...
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