Metaphors Used in Business

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Metaphors Used in Business

By | April 2011
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Fox vs Hedghog: While a fox is going around haphazardly trying everything and tiring himself out, while not achieving anything, the hedgehog is the opposite. The point og this metaphor is to say to pick one strategy, and stick with it- stay focused on your ideas and goals. Great leaders are more “hedgehog” because they have the ability to rally their employees and organize themselves to stay focused on the company goals. A more “fox” leader focuses on the more insignificant details, and become to distracted to actually lead the company.

Chicken and the Egg: People see a crack in the egg and they think “Aha! its hatching!”, where in reality the chick in the egg has been working really hard at cracking that egg and its been a long journey and lot of work, and he’s not even done yet. To the outside world, the chick cracking that egg is a it “happen over night” thing, even though that chick worked hard at cracking that egg. From the inside of an organization going from good to great requires a long series of steps and changes that will gradually lead the company to an exceptional standing in the business world. The business is like the hatching egg in the sense that, to the outside world, a company’s change from good to great seems like an overnight event.

Packards Law: States that you can’t improve your business organization any faster than you can help and organize your people in their capacity to contribute and grow. A company only grow as fast as it can get its employees/individuals to grow.

Baby Analogy: Crawl, walk, run. Every step must be taken, there is NO short-cut. You must learn to crawl before you run. When a company crawls, it is adapting and integrating the new change slowly into its day-to-day operations. Once the company has gotten “the hang of things”, they can begin to walk. This means that if the change requires implementing new technology, the company is now implementing the change into more and more aspects of the day to day...

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