Metaphors and Assessment

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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International Journal of Market Research Vol . 52 Issue 5

Personal aspirations and the consumption of luxury goods
Yann Truong
ESC Rennes Business School

Past. research. has. rarely. included. both. intrinsic. and. extrinsic. aspirations. antecedents. in. predicting. luxury. consumption,. and. most. studies. have. assumed. that. conspicuous. antecedents. are. predominant. in. consumers’. motivations .. The. market .. The. findings. of. the. study,. conducted. in. France,. show. that. extrinsic. aspirations. are. more. strongly. related. to. conspicuous. consumption. than. to. quality. search. and. self-directed. pleasure,. suggesting. that. extrinsically. motivated. consumers. buy. luxury. brands. mainly,. but. not. wholly,. as. part. of. conspicuous. consumption. behaviour .. However,. intrinsic. aspirations. are. much. more. strongly. related. to. self-directed. pleasure. and. quality. search. than. are. extrinsically. aspirations,. suggesting. that. these. consumers. are. more. focused. on. their. own. pleasure. of. ownership. than. on. the. display. of. conspicuous. consumption .. The. findings. suggest. that. practitioners. should. take. into. consideration. both. types. of. consumer. motivation. in. the. design. of. their. marketing. campaigns,. in. order. to. increase. audience. reach. and. improve. brand. loyalty. in. the. long. run .. It. is. also. recommended. that. market. researchers. adapt. current. segmentation. and. brand. .

Introduction,.steadily.and. strongly,.since.the.early.1990s at.$,.reaching.$ 2004;.Metha.2006;.Luxury.Institute.2007) ..The.economic.factors.driving. this. trend. include. increasing. disposable. income,. lower. unemployment,. reducing. production. costs. and. increasing. female. employment,. as. well. as.,. Received.(in.revised.form):.3.March.2010

© 2010 The Market Research Society DOI: 10 .2501/S1470785310201521


Personal aspirations and the consumption of luxury goods

2005;. Fiske. &. Silverstein. 2004;. Yeoman. &. McMahon-Beattie. 2006) ..’Cass.&.Frost.2004;. Amaldoss. &. Jain. 2005),. the. superior. quality. of. products. and. services. ( al..1995;.Vigneron.&.Johnson.2004), ‘treat’.oneself.(Silverstein.&.Fiske.2005) ..Consequently,,.which.includes.not.only. level. (Nueno. &. Quelch. 1998;. Yeoman. &. McMahon-Beattie. 2006) . interest. in. luxury. consumption. (Truong et al .. 2008) .. Studies. of. the. motivations. for. luxury. consumption. fall. into. two. broad. categories:. ..Personally.orientated.purchase. of. luxury. goods. is. internally. driven,. and. reflects. self-fulfilment. goals. (Tsai. 2005) .. Tsai. (2005). was. one. of. the. first. researchers. to. propose. and. test. a. model. to. assess. customers’. intention. to. re-purchase. luxury. brands. on. the. basis. of. personally. orientated. antecedents .. Socially. orientated. purchasing. behaviour. is. externally. driven,. reflecting. a. desire. to. impress. others,.but.’s.classic.concept.of.conspicuous. consumption....
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