Metaphor of Santa Cristina

Topics: Snake, Superstition, Death Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Ms. Costa
5th October 2012
The Metaphor of Santa Cristina
The strong belief humans have in idols and superstitions is utterly absurd. People aren’t free to pursue what they believe but rather are forced to comply with rules and beliefs people have made up in form of religion. When it comes to religion, individuals should be free to practice whatever they believe in and shouldn’t feel obligated to partake in a particular form of religion. Cristina Innocente’s life is similar to Santa Cristina’s in multiple. Cristina Innocente was from a rich home just like Santa Cristina who was “born into the house of a rich Roman nobleman” (Ricci 138). They both had similar relationships with their fathers. Santa Cristina was “thrown into a pit with a hundred venomous serpents” (Ricci 139)” as a form of punishment for “[braking] up images…of the pagan gods in her father’s house”(Ricci 138) , but the snakes didn’t harm her. Although Cristina Innocente was not thrown into a pit of venomous serpents, according to superstitious beliefs, she was bitten by a snake for doing something wrong and she was subject to a lot of ridicule and marginalization from the other villagers which is a slight equivalent to what Santa Cristina suffered by being thrown into a pit of venomous snakes. I know this because at the hospital, her “…eyes were closed and her jaw had dropped open…” (Ricci 23) the way it was for her father-in-law when he died. Both their lives ended at sea and they left the world on a positive note. Comparing the two ladies lives, we can see that Santa Cristina went through so much pain and that despite all the pain that she faced, she never for once thought of giving up. Relating this to Cristina Innocente’s life, I think she chose to go for the festival not because she was tired of being marginalized, but because she couldn’t care less what was said about her by the people of Valle del Sole. If she was being forced to go for the...
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