Metaparadigm in Nursing

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Metaparadigm in Nursing
Demonstrate the ability to incorporate the dimensions of a person, nursing and enviorment to promote the health in a various nursing situations. The different metaparadigm in nursing:
Nursing Paradigms are patterns or models used to show a clear relationship among the existing theoretical works in nursing.  At present, many nursing theories are focused on relationships among four major concepts (metaparadigms: Greek “meta“-with and “paradeigma“-pattern): The 4 metaparadigm in nursing according to Florence Nightigale 1.Nursing Florence Nightingale had always considered that nursing is very essential for everybody’s well being. One of her masterwork, Notes on Nursing, provided essential principles for rendering and implementing an efficient and effective nursing care. Moreover, she instilled an ideal attitude of thinking and acting like a real nurse. Person

Nightingale viewed the essence of a person as a patient. She believed that nurses should perform tasks to and for the patient as well as control the patient’s environment to facilitate easy recovery. Predominantly, she explained a passive patient in this relationship. However, when there are definite references to the patient performing self-care when possible, the nurse is particularly instructed to ask the patient about his or her preference. However, Florence Nightingale gives emphasis to the nurse who is in control of the patient’s environment. Health

Florence Nightingale’s statement regarding health is “being well and using every power that the person has to the fullest extent.” In addition, she defined diseases as “a reparative process that nature instituted from a want of attention.” She believed that prevention of diseases through environmental control will greatly uplift the maintenance of health. Furthermore, she illustrated modern public health nursing and the more modern concept of health promotion. She compared these concepts of nursing as different from caring...
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