Metamaterials Ball Proposal

Topics: Metamaterial, Optics, Refractive index Pages: 3 (394 words) Published: December 1, 2012
K4123: Managing Emerging Technologies
Spring 2012, Prof. Jack McGourty

Fundamental and Applied Metamaterials as an Emerging Technology We are presenting our analysis and outlook for this new technology to the management of a Ball Aerospace that is considering it as an option use satellite design.

Patrick Rapherty
Saul Mankes
Bill McCahey

Team Kick@$$

Since 2007,
have had a
new variable
to contend
with that was
not a factor
in previous
design plans.

Moving forward, key satellites will need to
have a defensive posture and we suggest
that smaller, and perhaps even invisible
satellites, with critical and strategic payload
can be put into orbit.
The emerging technologies that will enable
this are Synthetic Metamaterials.

Synthetic Metamaterials …
• are man-made materials that on a nano and atomic
• posses unique properties not found in nature like a
negative refractive index, and
• demonstrate exceptional
wavelength absorption
properties: light,
mirowave /RF signals,
sound, etc.

How do they work?
Atomic level synthetic patterns on the
material’s surface manipulate wavelengths
that come into contact with them.
They are:
• Split ring resonators, that change electro-magnetic
• Plasmonic crystals that produce localization of
light, super beams chemical and biological sensors,
and “plasmonic circuits”
• Photonic crystals that slow, channel and focus

Satellite size design applications
• Split ring resonators can be used to dramatically reduce the size of antennae
• Split ring resonators can also be used to dramatically
reduce the size of the telescope used for ground
• Plasmomic crystals can dramatically reduce the size of
solar energy collectors
• Combined these two factors can likely reduce the size of current satellite design, particularly for communications
satellites, and make them a much more difficult target to
hit, particularly for...
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