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THE HISTORY OF METALLICA Pre Metallica | | | |
James| Jason| Kirk| Lars|
 February 10, 1962: Cliff Burton, bassist for Metallica's first three albums, is born.November 18, 1962: Kirk Hammett is born in San Francisco, CaliforniaMarch 4, 1963: Jason Newsted, Cliff's replacement, is born in Battle Creek, MichiganAugust 3, 1963: Jaymz Alan Hetfield is born in Los Angeles, CaliforniaDecember 26, 1963: Lars Ulrich is born in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he lives until the late '70s. When his parents decide to move to Newport Beach, in the vicinity of Los Angeles.In 1973 Lars, at age 9, goes to his first concert, when Deep Purple played in Copenhagen. He enjoys the concert so much he starts to collect albums by Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy. Later he discovers the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal). He then discovers bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Sweet Savage and Diamond Head, which influenced his musical direction. It was Late 1976 when Lars got his first drum kit from his Grandparents.In 1980 Lars Ulrich, now 17 flew to Britain to see Diamond Head, his favorite band play. He meet the singer Sean Harris and lived with the band for a month. He soon learned about the band Mercyful Fate, another band in the NWOBHM. Lars returned to Los Angeles to try and make his own NWOBHM band. Metallica The band Metallica was formed on October 15 1981 by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Starting at the very beginning on February 10 1962 Cliff Burton was born. On November 18 of the same year Kirk Hammett was born. On March 4 1963 Jason Newstead was born. On August 3 James Hetfield was born and on December 26 Lars Ulrich was born. These are the main members in the band Metallica.It was 1977 when Jason Newstead formed his first band Diamond with Kevin Kendrick, Todd Smiedendorf and Tom Depoy in Niles, Michigan U.S.A. it was also in this year that the Newstead family relocated to Kalamazoo, Michigan. In the September of this year James Hetfield started his first...

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