Metal Wristwatch

Topics: Watch, Clock, Time Pages: 4 (1538 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Metal Wristwatch

There lies in my drawer an item I hold dear but usually never wear. It's a wristwatch that I bought many years ago and marked as my first ever wristwatch that I bought with my own money. I have had many wristwatches before but none as nice as the one I bought myself. The cool blue tint of the face is what first drew my attention to it. The sleek silver look to the metal made it shiny and nice to look at. It felt like I was wearing something important and thereby making me important. The feel of the cold metal on my wrist was a constant reminder that I was wearing this piece of art and no one else was. This wristwatch became a treasure so much that I decided only to wear it on special occasions and to lock it away when not in use. Its important and treasure like treatment was not due to its price, because I'm sure there are many more expensive watches out there, but rather the fact that it was mine and I have never owned anything like it. To me its a piece of lost treasure that somehow came into my hands and fits me perfectly. Now that the watch seems bulky and I can tell time on my phone, I barely wear it. It makes the watch ever more special, by wearing it, it automatically marks an important occasion and its purpose is extremely important. Throughout the years it has accumulated many scratches and dents, but the luminosity and brilliance of the watch is not lost and is a pleasure to wear whenever I get the chance. Its battery has been replaced many times, but it keeps ticking and never fails to tell the correct time. From time to time I will wear it just as a fashion piece but it never fails to appease. It snaps right on to my wrist, slides only slightly down my arm to the perfect position and I can tell time like a gentleman. The watch transforms me into a man of culture, even if I'm wearing only jeans and a shirt and heading down to the store to pick up groceries. This watch has a way of making the wearer (me) feel like he...
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