Metacognitive Essay

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Francisco Huezo
Period 6
Song Title Essay

Real Gangsta lyrics[Chorus]She don't know whyBut all she knowsis that her youngest childis a real gangsta nowyou see...[Verse 1]He was a good kid all through elementaryA's and B's and had no enemiesBut he saw all the G's as he walked homehe couldn't read all the words on the walls thoughSo many letters crossed out with X'sHe wondered he knew not to ask those questionsNo pops, and his mom worked through the nailShe managed to buy him some shoes on saleShe didn't know, she bought the wrong colorAnd they stayed in the closet all summerEven though the kid wasn't affiliatedHe knew what they liked, he knew what they hatedNow he's in Middle School, same individualBut this is where things seem to get a bit difficultThis is the life of a young MexicanFirst verse done take me to the second one[Chorus] - 2X[Verse 2]6th grade, why so much homeworkGot a pot pie sitting in the stove burntMomma still ain't back from her job yetSo he eats it cause that's all he got leftThen he plays with his little puppy CinnamonHis last dog was a victim of a hit n runThere's a knock on his door it's his homeboyYour mom's gone? He pulls out a chrome toyWhere'd you get that from? The kid askedWe broke into a house we got a bunch of shit stashed[From:]It was the first time he ever held a real gunTo get one of these you gotta steal oneWe too young they won't let us buy a gatNow if they shoot at us we can fiya backWho is they and why would they blast at me?Cause you from the hood fool, this is family[Chorus] - 2X[Verse 3]A year passes now the kids Dickies sagIn his pocket got a knife and a nickel bagAnd the homeboy that showed him his first gunGot killed last week in a burbanPutting work in 45 jerkin'Lucky shot,hit, popped like a virginClosed casket touched as he strolled past itGot his name tattooed on two hoes assesSo he'll still be remembered after a whileHis little bitch...
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