Metacognition Essay

Topics: Thought, Psychology, Mind Pages: 2 (907 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Writing a metacognition essay is fairly new to me and on top of that critically analyzing the way I think is something I never considered. If I had to decide on how I think, I would have to say I tend to visualize almost everything I hear and see. Every time I think I always have to visualize whatever is being told to me, in subjects like math, English, and science I can never fully process the information sent to my brain without drawing out diagrams, pictures, or even letters. For example, whenever I take a math test, I would see an equation and with those variables I would copy them directly onto my unlimited supply of imaginary paper and solve there in my mind. If I happen to have trouble with a problem, then I resort to scanning any past experiences that I can visually remember that is moderately similar to the current problems, sort of like rewinding through a video but 16 years long. Since I only occasionally ask for help, the process of rewinding through past memories is very useful but can be malicious to my learning process because I some of the information I dig up can be incorrect. Another subject in school that I visualize nearly everything I hear or read is English. Being someone that recreates everything in my mind, I would either be able to clearly understand and absorb what I’m reading or analyzing or wholly miss the main point or the moral of what is being read. When I practice with reading packets I often struggle with passages that require a more in-depth analysis. For example, certain selections about famous and infamous court cases or poems that demand more than just the shell of the story or the obvious information but the point that should be identified when piecing all the facts together, since I exclusively visualize what I directly read I am unable to crack open the outside shell I desperately need. Then this is when the other process of thinking comes into help, I always talk to myself in my head whenever I do any thinking at...
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