Metacognition: Cognition and Higher Thinking Method

Topics: Cognition, Metacognition, Learning Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: December 8, 2005

Metacognition is "thinking about thinking" or a higher thinking method. Metacognition involves activities such as planning how to approach a learning task, monitoring comprehension, and evaluating the progress. Metacognition is used by people in their everyday basis. For example, after reading a paragraph the reader may ask himself questions abut the text. If the reader cannot answer his own questions then he must the go back and reread the text for better understanding.

Throughout this year i have used Metacognition in my two english classes. I have mainly used Metacognition when the homework involves reading. When Im reading, and I get stuck I stop and think about what I have just read and try to pin down where i get stuck and use Metacognition to try to get unstuck. Another way that I use Metacognition is to fill out the double entry diaries. The diaries help me out when there is something im stuck on, then I can write it down and then use metacognition to figure out a way to understand it. When we do the MCAS practice worksheets I use Metacogniton to answer the questions. The questions require deep thinking to choose the right answer. overall i use metacognition on an everyday basis to complete my english homework assignments.

I have used Metacognition in other subjects other than english class. I have used it in math homework, but specially tests. Usually when im taking a test do the easy problems first and then leave the word problems for last. This helps me to get rid of pressure and helps me concentrate more on the other problems. This helps me practice my metacognitive skills by thinking about the problem and coming up with a solution.

When it comes to using my metacognitive skills it can be for my non academic life. I sometimes use it when it comes to buying music or when im playing a sport. Usually when I want buy a music cd or a video game I think hard about it. I wont just buy it because other people are buying it , I...
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