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Topics: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Roman Empire, Sculpture Pages: 4 (1208 words) Published: October 18, 2010

____________ Choose one of the following pairs of sculptures to compare and analyze, or you may choose the paintings as your topic. Use the outline below that is appropriate to your choice. Cover all the points in the outline in a way that seems clearest for the work you are discussing.

Your paper should be about four typed pages in length. Make sure that your name, section, and instructor's name are on the first page of your paper; your name should also be at the top of each page. Please fasten the pages together. ____________________________________________________________

Seated Statue of Queen Hatshepsut , white limestone (29.3.2), Met. Mus., first floor, Egyptian Gallery of Hatshepsut (open F-S-S) Statue of Virgin and Child in Majesty (16.32.194) - Met. Mus., first floor, Tapestry Hall (near the center)

Grave Stele: Girl with the Doves (27.45) – Met. Mus., first floor, Greek
Collection, Wiener Gallery, no 1039.
Roman relief: Dionysos and Retinue, Badminton Sarcophagus
(acc.# 55.11.5) Metropolitan Museum, first floor, Roman Galleries

Statue of a Wounded Amazon (32.11.4), Roman copy of a Greek bronze original, first floor, Greek Collection, Central Sculpture Hall
Statue of Old Market Woman (# 09.39), Hellenistic, Metropolitan Museum, first floor, Hellenistic Galleries.

Statue of Seated Gudea (acc.# 59.2) - The Metropolitan Museum second floor, Ancient Near East Gallery.
Statue of Sleeping Eros (acc.# 43.11.4) - The Metropolitan Museum first floor, Hellenistic and Roman Galleries.

PAINTING (discuss two of the three paintings below in any combination): Greek red-figure amphora by the Berlin Painter: Youth singing and playing the cithara (56.171.38) first floor, Bothmer Gallery II, #1027 Roman Fresco from Borsoreale, left section: Citharist...
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