Messi vs. Maradona

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  • Published : January 18, 2011
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Messi Vs Maradona


Lionel Messi is a world renowned player famous for his slick skills, fast pace and cunning agility. He plays a big part in the Barcelona side making marauding runs throughout the pitch and smashing through opposing defences like an argentine bull dozer. All defences detest the magical footwork of this football magician and dread the day they hear they are playing Barcelona next. Lionel shone even from a young age. He was much better than the other children surrounding him and you could see that he would amount to something stunning. Everyone would know that this young boy would soon become a football icon. Nations love to watch this marvel of a player even if they are not a fan of Argentina or Barcelona, the moment the ball touches his feet you can feel something magic is about to happen. Despite the fact that Messi is a wizard on the ball, people argue the fact that he can be very selfish with his runs. He may be a ferocious lion when he runs through defences like they are helpless cattle, but he should not always look for goal; he should look for a decent pass also.

Lionel Messi has made a mark on history and his ability will live on as the fast dribbling, defence breaking, jaw dropping player he is. If there was to be a man of this time to ever be considered as the best of all time Lionel Messi would be a very strong contender.

Messi Vs Maradona


Diego Maradona – a name that anyone in the world recognises. People hear his name and normally think of one of the world’s greatest ever players and the man who could cut through a team like a knife through butter. Most of these people are not English... Maradona IS one of the greatest people to ever kick a ball, but he is known for the disappointing “hand of God” incident; it was the quarter final of the world cup and the match was Argentina V England, the game was dying out and only one team could win, Maradona wanted it so badly that he resorted to using his hand to...
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