Message to Garcia

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Question, Elbert Hubbard Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: November 27, 2011

Elbert Hubbard’s “A Message to Garcia” is an essay about a man by the name of Rowan who was given an order to deliver a message to General Garcia. General Garcia’s whereabouts were unknown and without question or hesitation Rowan accomplished such a task. This essay also goes into an explanation of a type of work ethic belief that a person who is tasked with something is more compelled to put it off, question its merit or simply have someone else do it for them. It also encompasses that there are such people that could in fact deliver a message to Garcia per say. In my personal opinion a short summarized dissection of what Elbert Hubbard meant to portray to the reader is that the ability to be proactive instead of reactive is a key success to an organization or work place. In my opinion the United States Marine Corp in theory is a utopian military organization. One of the key ingredients to making it work in such a way is instilling the work ethical belief that Elbert Hubbard talked about in his writing. The idea that one can confidently give an order to a Marine and have that order accomplished without insubordination or time consuming questions is something that senior leadership would like to rely on and sadly its becoming a less common trait . I believe that one of the reasons such belief or practice is scarce in our present day Marine Corp is the inability of the Marine to understand the greater purpose as to why they are being given such a task. In today’s Corp one must have the understanding that such person giving the order expects immediate results. They should know that the leadership has greater in depth knowledge that can’t be disclosed at the moment the order is given but that the accomplishment of the task is time pertinent. In a combat situation an example could be that I give an order to a Marine to throw a grenade over the ridge and Lcpl Jones immediately acts on such task but Pfc Smith hesitates and asks if that’s a...
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